Acupuncture is used mainly to relieve discomfort associated with a variety of diseases and conditions

Acupuncture and You

Acupuncture works to assist your body in targeting not only the symptom of pain but to also address the root of the problem. We use Acupuncture to support your body in reducing all the hallmarks of diseases: inflammation, pain, damage tissue, poor blood flow.  

Pain and disease are frustrating and debilitating and it infiltrates and affects so many elements of our lives. Pain affects not only our social lives, our exercise and health regimes, and our work and careers- but it also affects our life goals and aspirations. Our goal at Acu-Fit is to get you strong, healthy and injury-free.

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Why it's done

Pain is problematic and not just because it hurts. Whenever there's an injury or illness, the body puts up roadblocks to prevent causing more damage and to start the healing process. The body is so good at doing this that in most cases pets can continue living their lives without any big consequences. Often times that look like restricted range of movement and compensating for the problem.

We have to imagine the body like a city and the roads that run through it are blood vessels and the nervous system. Whenever there is a car crash (injury) it sends out several internal emergency services to fix this.  Their body’s immune and trauma response looks similar to human who have been stuck behind an accident that we couldn’t divert from or go around. It increases travel time, frustrates us and affects their lives.

This is where Acupuncture comes in.

Acupuncture’s role in Chinese Medicine is to help the body address these internal roadblocks.

Acupuncture assists the body by helping to:

  • reduce inflammation;
  • promote blood circulation;
  • stimulate endorphin release (our natural painkillers); and
  • promote tissue regeneration.
Your function is our goal.

Our goal is to expedite recovery and improve the body’s overall function so that we not only address the pathology but also work to reduce the chance of injury returning.

But, what if we never got out from behind the accident?! That’s like having a chronic injury or illness.

The longer it goes on the more it affects our lives, taking time away from playing, exercising with our pets and having fun with our furry friends.

My favourite way to think about how chronic illness or injury affects the body is to imagine that you’ve got a rock stuck in your shoe. Initially, the rock is just annoying. But the longer it sits in there, the more it hurts and the more our body’s compensate to take pressure away from the foot. Imagine having a rock (illness/injury) for years..

That’s why in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine we look at every problem from a 360° approach because we not only have to look at the symptom, but we also have to address the root issue.

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